Residential Construction

From site survey to quality control, PRG manages all phases of the residential construction process

Residential Construction

Whether you’re building something from the ground up or reimagining an existing space, providing the latest in telecommunication services is a must. If you experience difficulties working in conjunction with the residential developer, PRG can help you navigate the intricacies and nuances of home construction endeavors. From the site survey through design to installation to quality control and user satisfaction, PRG has aided in all phases of the process.

PRG’s residential construction process includes:

  • Establishing contact with the residential or subdivision developer
  • Creating design packets and verifying tie points with existing network design
  • Scheduling walkouts with developer to verify plans before construction
  • Acquiring PLAT maps (lot lines and development plans) for proper placement of all equipment (like where to hide power supplies)
  • Proper placement of all equipment in conjunction with development plan
  • Calling in locates and acquiring any necessary permits or certificates of insurance
  • Establishing timeline for completion
  • Post-construction quality control
  • Coordinating with water, power and gas companies
  • Final walkthrough with developer to ensure satisfaction

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