Fiber Installation

From survey to final QC, let PRG's experienced construction managers and coordinators handle your fiber install

Fiber Installation

With decades of installation experience, and recent successes in both residential and commercial fiber installation projects, PRG can be an invaluable asset. From survey to final QC, PRG has the program with experienced construction managers and coordinators you need to get it done.

Beginning with thorough site surveys and expeditious permitting, PRG will put together a job packet that lays out the entire process and highlights potential hurdles and roadblocks. Knowing what you’re up against is the first step to delivering on time and within budget. Trusting pre-construction to the less experienced will put your project in jeopardy before it ever gets off the ground, or under it.

Once the project begins, PRG will ensure that all materials are where they need to be, when they need to be there, through an effective materials management process. PRG manages field contractors and prioritizes jobs based on location, time to completion, and skills required. Using state of the art job tracking and distribution systems custom designed by our application developers, PRG provides accurate and concise reporting on all phases of your projects. As a certified Primavera P6 scheduler, PRG will provide a clear view of personnel deployment from start to finish.

When the unforeseen inevitably arises, PRG will be first on the scene to verify if any changes to the process are required. Effective contractor management starts with mutual accountability. With live reporting of quality assurance and control, you can be confident that any surprises will be quickly mitigated.

PRG’s fiber installation practices include:

  • Field QC for reduced calls to site
  • Contractor route tracking and verification
  • Ensuring your network meets present and future demands
  • Custom dashboard/applications for tracking and management
  • Contractor invoice and billing validation
  • Schedule creation and priority reports for all contractor involvement
  • OTDR signal verification
  • PRG is certified for Primavera 6 (P6)

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