Cable Replacement

Working with multiple providers and government agencies to ensure efficient and cost-effective repairs

Cable Replacement

Cable replacements are a constant and ongoing effort in the telecommunications industry. Plant damage, vandalism, “bad” cables and other natural occurrences like vermin and storms can all result in service issues requiring a quick and thorough response. Project Resources Group’s qualified construction coordinators provide management, crew scheduling and coordination with local utilities to ensure that repairs are completed expeditiously. Cable replacements also occur when there are dated cables that can be either consolidated or changed to provide a more consistent signal.

Through physical verification, PRG locates the damage and establishes the process for repair and replacement. Using OTDR (optical time-domain reflectometer) technology to find cuts in the fiber line, the construction coordinator checks the cable for a continuous signal and sends back a rejection if there is a break. In many areas where multiple providers share poles, damage can occur as the result of another provider. In cases where a third party is responsible for the damage, PRG’s OPD program can help recoup the cost.

PRG’s cable replacement practices include:

  • Locating and assessing the plant damage
  • Scheduling contractors to perform the required work
  • Taking down the network (temporary outage) to complete the replacement
  • Removing the damaged portion and installing the new cable
  • Informing all affected parties
  • Addressing any access issues

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