Address Integrity Management

A customized dedicated AIM program


PRG's AIM program can create and maintain your billing system's commercial and residential accounts while maintaining plant-monitoring databases that track your location records and notify you of new building opportunities.

Utilizing design and as-built maps, PRG analyzes the plant's relationship to each surrounding building to create location classifications that easily communicate the level of work involved. All database information is made available to your sales team so they can quickly gauge an installation interval and accurately make the sale.

The PRG team is responsible for updating existing buildings for serviceability while indexing potential opportunities for newly marketable areas. Through data exchanges and code designations, PRG tracks both residential and commercial buildings while processing all accounts through customized dashboards and ticketing systems.


  • Improved efficiency of sales and accuracy of addressing
  • Validation of any bad addressing
  • Reconciliation with other client databases to solve discrepancies
  • Client design mapping overlays
  • Creation of power supply test accounts
  • Plant tracking databases that improve the accuracy of provided data


In 2014, a major telecommunications company had trouble standardizing a process to create and update commercial customer billing accounts while tracking the serviceability of these buildings simultaneously. Working closely with multiple departments, PRG standardized enterprise-wide use of the client's serviceability codes to be assigned to a building and communicate the plant available (coax and fiber) and the type of installation timeframe a sales representative could guarantee their customer. This is now referred to as the PRG Address Integrity Management (AIM) Group.

After analyzing the company's existing processes for account creation, the serviceability team created a set of customized dashboards that tracked all commercial orders from inception to activation to ensure all account information and serviceability was accurately recorded in the billing system. This standardized process was implemented enterprise-wide and is now used by the AIM group for all new commercial account creations. These dashboards are now maintained and updated regularly by the serviceability team to accommodate differing procedures by region, product type, and sales organization.

PRG successfully manages a database of 546,000 buildings, 1.6 million customer accounts and over 750,000 special project buildings. Maintenance of this database includes the following responsibilities:

  • Quality Control of all AIM serviceability data entry
  • Reconciliation with other plant tracking databases to solve any system discrepancies
  • Communication with other company groups to ensure all commercial plant driven initiatives are reflected in the database
  • Continued research to find evidence supporting the information in the database
  • Working with sales to address any one-off situations that arise in the field

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