OSP Audits and Quality Control

Standards and specifications don’t always make it from the drawing board to your plant as intended. Without third-party verification, even the highest quality contractors can fall short of your goals. An established system of checks and balances ensures that any potential issues are identified and addressed. Tracking records provide accountability while allowing you to analyze and address your contractors. Our customized reporting systems provide real-time access to updates so you can trust your contractors and the quality is assured.

PRG’s attention to detail will make sure that your specifications are met and restoration is completed, giving you confidence in your customer handoff. We believe in a common sense, cost-effective approach to quality assurance that analyzes the process from end to end. Let us customize a quality control plan for your business today.

Quality Control Components

Customized Cost-Effective Quality Control

  • As-built verifications
  • Construction projects
  • Line gear maintenance programs
  • Invoicing and billing solutions
  • Existing network audits
  • Walkouts, site reviews
  • Forced relocation
  • Greenfield and expansion projects

Attention to Detail

Customized Reporting

Track the status of projects instantly with current, concise and accurate data on demand.

Decades of Field Experience

Expertly managed so that all specifications are met and any restoration is quick and clean.

Trust but Verify

A common sense cost-effective approach to quality assurance from end to end.

True Field Experience

Knowledgeable, unbiased evaluations that deliver inherent value.

Quality Assured

A tailored quality control program that raises confidence in your finished product.

Why PRG?

Since 2001, PRG has been a leading provider of communication construction management, network infrastructure, plant damage investigation and recovery. We specialize in project and program management, outside plant damage cost recovery services, and technical support.

PRG’s leaders include well-known and respected executives from the communications and cable industries who bring years of expertise from careers with major service providers. Each has spent years focusing on identifying risk areas while designing and helping implement value-added solutions. This experience has become the core foundation of PRG and the services we offer today.

We build solutions that help drive sustainable profitability, conserve resources, improve efficiency, better customer relationships, and increase earnings.

Download the OSP Audits and Quality Control Information Sheet for Printing. 

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