Telecom Forced Relocation Program Benefits

Forced relocation should be more than just a handshake.

When unanticipated projects like forced relocation arise, where do you find the money and resources to address them in a timely manner?  With PRG’s Telecom Forced Relocation (FRELO) Program, the control is in your hands. PRG can scale a custom FRELO program to meet your needs, saving you time and money while maximizing returns.

PRG can facilitate the recouping of loss brought on by a telecom forced relocation through effective project management. With the help of custom applications designed to streamline the relocation process, we put the maximum amount back in your pocket.

FRELO Program Includes

  • Centralized and dedicated project coordinators
  • Comprehensive field survey and packet for design
  • Project authorization packet
  • Coordination with requesting party including cost estimate
  • Moderated negotiation of terms for both parties
  • Pre-construction agreement executed with cost outlined
  • Management of contractors and QC upon completion
  • Handling of all invoicing and recouping of costs associated with project completion

Pole Agreements

Having pole agreements in place can ease the pain of telecommunications forced relocation projects. Understanding existing agreements through research and direct field experience can help expedite a lagging relocation.

DOT / Federal Grants

Utilizing DOT encroachments and federal funds made available through grants can be complicated and arduous. PRG's support team has decades of experience dealing with local governments.

Open Communication

We provide reports tailored to your needs with 24/7 access to custom dashboards. With project progression updates through a PRG coordinator, you'll always have current, concise, and accurate data at your fingertips.

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