Engineering and Permitting Solutions

For over fifteen years, Project Resources Group (PRG) has been a leading solutions provider for the telecommunications industry. Through the design, planning and management of communication networks, PRG provides a full range of the services required for the turnkey implementation of your network.  Specializing in telecommunications, PRG’s expertise with project management, field personnel, design capabilities and project tracking results in quality assurance and a quick turnaround time for your company.

A Competitive Advantage

Through a wealth of engineering experience and cutting-edge software solutions that streamline each process, PRG builds the infrastructure necessary to spark growth and innovation in your industry.

Solutions include:

men engineering design solutions

  • Engineering Design
  • Aerial Engineering
  • Underground Engineering
  • Make Ready Permitting
  • Excavation Permitting
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Substructure Design
  • CAD Drafting
  • Wind Loading
  • Utility Design

Experienced Engineers

With years of industry experience, PRG engineers have a deep understanding of the entire process, from field work to drafting to analysis and administration of permits and procedures.

Streamlined Operations

PRG is committed to building, testing, and implementing strong processes for successful projects while maintaining steady client and team communication through careful collection and analysis of field data.

Quick Turnaround

Completing all projects as quickly and efficiently as possible, PRG streamlines the process without sacrificing quality or attention to detail.

Quality Control

PRG consistently ensures that projects are completed accurately and at a superior standard with special attention to local regulation requirements.

Optimize Routes and Improve Interval Times

Project Resources Group designs new networks and also upgrades existing facilities.  Whether your needs involve an inside or outside plant, wired or wireless, extended or local, PRG has the experience and expertise to handle the engineering and permitting needed for your projects, anywhere in the United States.

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