Cell Tower Backhaul Solutions

The challenges of keeping up with new cell tower installations while updating existing infrastructures can be daunting. Project Resources Group has the experience, scalability and quality assurance to manage your projects effectively from start to finish.

PRG’s dedicated team has decades of construction experience working with cell towers, fiber, underground infrastructures, wind loading and pole make-ready scenarios, while coordinating with local 811 and municipalities for permits and compliance. Streamlining procedures and cutting costs for some of the largest providers in the industry, PRG’s expertise from pre-construction through the quality control process allows for a comprehensive understanding of potential issues and how they can be prevented.

PRG’s construction project coordinators and field specialists capture all key metrics for analysis, resulting in a proactive approach that maximizes growth opportunities, connects you with more clients and saves you time and money through effective management of all your cell tower backhaul deployment projects.

Program Benefits


Extensive experience in pre-construction includes walkouts, make ready, and coordination with field personnel.


Coordinated efforts with city, state, county, local and plant owning entities to ensure full permitting compliance.


A dedicated team of cell tower and dark fiber construction coordinators and field engineers, scalable to meet project needs of varying scope and size.


Contractor management through proper vetting and training. Tracking view, crew production and location live with distribution of labor to insure maximum efficiency. Workflow management of engineering, procurement, design and construction.


Completed quality control with accurate contractor billing and OTDR test verification.


Ensuring proactive ordering processes are in place while distributing necessary materials with tracking and monitoring availability through custom reporting applications.

Why PRG?


Since 2001, PRG has been a leading provider of cell tower backhaul, communication construction management, network infrastructure, plant damage investigation and recovery.

We specialize in project and program management, outside plant damage cost recovery services, and technical support.


PRG’s leaders include well-known and respected executives from the communications and cable industries who bring years of expertise from careers with major service providers. Each has spent years focusing on identifying risk areas while designing and helping implement value-added solutions. This experience has become the core foundation of PRG and the services we offer today.


We build solutions that help drive sustainable profitability through conservation of resources, improved efficiency, better customer relations, and increased earnings.

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