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Having developed and delivered custom business applications for over 10 years, Project Resources Group is a leader in delivering application services for clients of all sizes, in several industries. PRG specializes in creating custom-tailored solutions aimed at automating routine tasks such as: data collection, dashboard reporting, information correlation, client notification, and many other, painful, business processes.

In today’s age of technology, many businesses find themselves either desperately needing to catch-up to industry trends, or forcing themselves to change their business processes in order to utilize off-the-shelf applications. PRG addresses these issues by offering end-to-end development of business applications, tailored to meet a client’s specific needs. Through our thorough and effective discovery process, we are able to identify business needs, as well as advise clients on opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Our custom application development offers businesses an opportunity to separate themselves from their competition, add new levels of organization to their business processes, and still deliver an unprecedented level of Return-on-Investment.  

If your business is ready to take the next leap in efficiency and jump to a new level of potential, contact us today for a no-obligation discovery and estimate today!

Outage Management
Outage Management

In today’s technological climate, new expectations of transparency, speed, and communication are quickly becoming market drivers for large and small service providers alike. No longer are multi-hour outages acceptable, and no longer is it acceptable for only local teams to be aware of service-impacting events. To truly meet today’s needs and expectations for consumers and business operations alike, service providers must be able to acknowledge, address, and notify teams around the globe of service-impacting events, as well as activities related to mitigating the fallout from these events.

PRG is a proven leader in developing globally-accessible applications, which deliver both immediate notifications as well as triggers for immediate actions to all key stake-holders. Our proven development tactics are able to provide the consistency, visibility, and reliability some of today’s largest service providers require. Through our extensive experience in many aspects of the cable and telecom industries, we have become subject experts in developing and deploying custom outage management solutions to meet the needs of providers both large and small.

If your current outage management process is holding you back from taking the next leap in consumer confidence, contact us for a no-obligation discovery and estimate today!

Contact Disposition Collection
Contact Disposition Collection

Through an extensive research and design process, we work with clients as partners in helping them realize their customer contact goals and reach new levels of customer satisfaction.

In any customer contact related industry, nothing is more important than collecting and retaining contact related data, in order to provide the best experience for clients and managers alike. Too often, customers become frustrated by the lack of personal experience they receive, after repeated contacts to businesses. Manually retaining contact notes, or using workarounds to enter customer data into existing applications is no longer an acceptable practice. Instead, businesses must be able to expand on customer relationships each time they make contact, truly giving clients the personal touch they seek – while at the same time offering key stakeholder the reporting they require to make important business decisions and projections.

Over the years, Customer Relationship Management applications have become commonplace within sales organizations of all industries, but this innovation has been lacking in the customer support and consumer contact fields. PRG’s Application Development team has many years of experience working with clients of all sizes in designing, developing, and delivering applications to meet these needs – in fact, PRG’s own internal teams use these contact disposition applications to deliver unprecedented experiences and reporting to all of our clients. Through an extensive research and design process, we work with clients as partners in helping them realize their customer contact goals and reach new levels of customer satisfaction, as well as delivering visibility into previously untapped metrics and key performance indicators.

If you are ready to take the next leap in contact disposition data collection, retention, and reporting, contact us for a no-obligation discovery and estimate today!

Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse

It is this year’s technology buzzword – Big Data – but how do businesses truly implement data collection procedures, without utilizing massive infrastructures that require crippling amounts of capital? Every business can identify how data tracking and reporting can improve their effectiveness, but is it worth the extensive amount of time it takes to finally realize any return on the investment? PRG’s proven infrastructure design and development planning procedures are able to capture and correlate any and all desired data, while still leaving a lite footprint on your infrastructure – and your wallet!

Because we deliver custom-tailored solutions, we are able to develop applications that retain all the data you need - and none that you don’t. Rather than forcing clients to utilize a specific infrastcure – be it their own, or ours – we are able to dynamically scale and deploy applications, in the environments you need and can afford. We are also able to utilize multiple infrastructures for a single application, allowing you to save costs by letting you host the application services you can manage, while still utilizing popular cloud-infrastructures to address any business continuity and disaster recovery needs.

If you are ready to organize and utilize the endless amounts of data you collect to your advantage, contact us for a no-obligation discovery and estimate today!

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

PRG’s inventory management applications are truly ground-breaking in their ability to improve operational efficiencies.

One of the toughest tasks for a business to undertake is to cap their growth in order to avoid total chaos and collapse, because they are unable to sufficiently track and locate assets using their current procedures. Whether going from a start-up to a multi-million dollar business, or from a regional supplier to a national powerhouse, nothing is more frustrating than dealing with challenges caused by this growth. PRG’s unique methods for labeling, tracking, managing, and notifying clients of inventory management tasks can not only alleviate these pains, but become another growth factor for booming businesses.

Through extensive product condition, location, and status tracking, we are able to provide visibility to employees, partners, and consumers that otherwise would have taken days to prepare and distribute. From leveraging existing adaptable technologies such as QR codes, to developing daily work-list priorities and procedures, PRG’s inventory management applications are truly ground-breaking in their ability to improve operational efficiencies. Based on client needs, we are also not only able to provide historical data for the entirety of a product’s life in the warehouse, but we are able to notify key stakeholders – or consumers themselves – of asset status changes, which can deliver a new level of customer satisfaction and interaction.

If your business is ready to take the next leap in the operational efficiency of your inventory management procedures, contact us for a no-obligation discovery and estimate today!

Additional Applications
Additional Applications

Because of PRG’s broad range of development expertise, and our extensive discovery and white-boarding process, we are capable of delivering custom applications for a variety of business needs and industries. Here are just a few of the services we have proven effective in developing:

  • Project Management Tracking
  • Business Activity Log and Financial Metric Portals
  • Installation and Repair Tracking
  • Interactive Support Portals (Chat, Email, SMS, etc.)
  • Damage Claim and Recovery Data Management
  • Reference Libraries
  • HR Data and Document Portals
  • Reporting Dashboards

Our management and development processes are very unique, though very adaptable, because of the areas of expertise and operational procedures we have experience in. Our range of industry backgrounds also provides us valuable insights into how business of all types and sizes operate, allowing us to not just develop and deploy custom applications, but to truly connect with a client’s goals and expectations. We also have insider-access to a pool of talent covering all ends of the development spectrum - meaning if we don’t have the resource you need to complete a project, we can attract and acquire top-tier talent immediately, without you ever having concern over the quality of your application.

If your business has a need for a custom-developed application, tailored to your exact needs, contact us for a no-obligation discovery and estimate today!

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