What You Should Know Before Expanding Your Customer Service Team

What You Should Know Before Expanding Your Customer Service Team

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Posted in Business Process Outsourcing on February 23, 2016

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As your business grows, your customer base increases, your offerings expand, and your technology advances. With all this growth, your customer service needs will multiply in response. How can you be sure to keep up? Customer support is a key aspect of any business and can mean the difference between keeping and losing a client.

If your business is at a growth point and needs help providing support to your customers, keep these considerations in mind as you look into expanding your customer service team:

Cost of Outsourced Customer Service

For many companies, a full, in-house customer service team is unrealistic. Outsourcing your customer service is nothing new in today’s day and age, but your business does have a growing number of options.

Offshore Customer Service

With cost at the bottom-line, many companies turn to offshore call centers to handle their needs. Cost to hire and retain customer service staff in these countries is very minimal due to the low cost of living. However, with cost savings come compromises in other areas such as lack of training, language barriers, and the tendency to stick to a script full of canned responses.

Differences in cultural thinking and language can have a big impact on the level and integrity of customer service an offshore vendor can deliver. Relying solely on an offshore call center may alienate customers and lead to diminished satisfaction with your brand, especially when serious customer issues need to be elevated for more in-depth solutions at a Tier 2 customer service level.

Onshore Customer Service

An onshore, domestic call center may require more of an investment than an offshore solution, but the advanced support both you and your customers receive can lead to a much higher return. What if your call center staff actually knew and understood your business? When you work with a company like PRG, you can expect your customer service staff to be trained to fully understand your business and what they are talking about. With comprehensive training and learning initiatives, an onshore customer support team can become a true partner for your business, and not just a call center managing their conversations from a script.

What Your Customers Need from Customer Service

What are you customers looking for when they contact your customer support team? While the exact answers vary depending on your company, offerings, and industry; overall, customers need and deserve swift response times, accurate answers, reliability, and availability. As you research  your customer service expansion options, take a close look at why your customers contact you, where they’re located, when they typically require support, and what services your customer support team needs to provide to them. Fulfilling your customers’ basic support needs should be your baseline when comparing outsourced customer service options.

What Your Customers Want from Customer Service

Ensuring your customers’ basic support needs are met is only one piece of the puzzle. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are expected to go above and beyond in customer service, especially if they want to keep their customers.

Look at what your customers want from your support team and why - you might be surprised to find that some factors you consider “nice to have” actually mean the difference between a customer staying happy with your company and leaving for a competitor. Customers want to interact with someone who speaks their language (both literally and figuratively); experience consistency even when interacting with different contacts; hear custom, empathetic solutions rather than scripted answers; and receive dedicated follow-up.

The Best Customer Service Solution to Support Your Business

If you are thinking about outsourcing your customer service division, then you need to think long and hard about what is important for your business and your customers. Choosing a professional business process outsourcing solution that has a wealth of experience in your industry and seeks to truly understand your business will be an investment in your company’s future.

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