What Are the Benefits of Business Process Mapping?

What Are the Benefits of Business Process Mapping?

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Posted in Business Process Outsourcing on July 27, 2015

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You’ve probably heard of business process mapping. You may have even heard your contacts talking about how beneficial it can be. But you’re still unsure of what the benefits are – and what this whole “mapping” thing is really all about.

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Simply put, business process mapping is a lot like brainstorming. You create a visual representation of the process flow for certain areas of your organization, such as your supply chain. By mapping out these process flows, you can pinpoint areas where you can lower costs, take advantage of business process outsourcing services and improve efficiency. Other benefits to business process mapping include:

Identifying Areas of Inefficiencies

One of the biggest benefits of business process mapping is having the ability to pinpoint areas of inefficiencies.

Maybe your financial reports are indicating that employees in one particular area are working a lot of overtime hours. Or, maybe your sales reports are showing that customer orders are backlogged, making your response time sluggish.

These are two areas that affect the quality of your products and customer satisfaction. If these business processes are neatly mapped out, you can quickly and easily identify areas that need improvement to make them more efficient. Maybe the sales processing department could benefit from business process outsourcing services that would alleviate some of the extra work that’s backing orders up.

Identifying Best Practices

Mapping out your organization’s business processes can help you identify best practices that can be implemented all throughout the company. Let’s say, for example, you notice that departments perform better when incentive programs are offered. You may choose to then implement similar programs throughout all of your departments to boost productivity overall.

Employee Training

Business process mapping can also be beneficial when training service providers, employees or consumers. While handbooks and training guides will provide new employees with all of the information they need, a flow chart of the business process may make it easier for some employees to understand the ins and outs of the company.

There are numerous benefits to business process mapping. Not only will this process make your business run more efficiently, but it will also assist you in other areas, such as finding the best practices for your departments and assist you in employee training.

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