Time to Focus: 7 Processes to Streamline for Your Business

Time to Focus: 7 Processes to Streamline for Your Business

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Posted in Application Development on February 12, 2016

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There are plenty of applications out there to help you manage your business. The problem? Most are only designed to do one task and they’re not created with your unique business needs in mind.

A custom built web application can save you a huge amount of time by automating your key business processes. Your staff will be freed up to work on the tasks they were hired to do and all your information will be right where you need it, when you need it.

Let’s have a look at what business processes a custom built app can streamline for your company:

1. Billing and Invoicing

Bookkeeping can make or break your business. If your bookkeeping practices aren’t up to par, you might be hemorrhaging money without even realizing it. There are plenty of cookie cutter accounting packages out there, but they don’t necessarily support all of your business’ needs. Building a custom billing and invoicing module can help your finances stay on track. 

2. Team Communications

With so many ways to communicate - email, phone, in-person, memos - messages between team members can be misread or lost. Organize your team with a communication module in your custom app. New technology allows you to keep track of all team discussions in one place, including files, contact details, messages, and more.

3. Contractor Management

Do you have multiple contractors working for your business? How do you currently keep track of them – the hours they’ve worked, their contract length, their security restrictions? Adding a contractor management module to your custom built app can keep all of these details in one handy spot for reference in decision-making.

4. Team Meetings

Handwritten minutes that need to be typed up and emailed office wide. People forgetting that meetings are on. Not being able to add to new meeting agendas easily. These are the problems that still plague company meetings.

How about this instead – a custom app that allows you to fill in preset meeting note sections on your laptop or mobile device, messages all your contacts the notes straight away, and has an integrated system that allows people to easily confirm attendance, and add their own agenda items to the list? It’s all possible, with a custom built meeting module.

5. Data Collection

Are you getting lost in mountains of data from employees, vendors, customers, and projects? Streamline your data collection to your exact specifications with a custom app. An application can be developed to allow easy, efficient, and precise data collection across all of your operations.

6. Dashboard Reporting

It’s not enough to simply collect data, you need to be able to measure it and use the insights to make future decisions for your business. Get the exact information you need through a custom application: automatically generated reports, user notifications, measurable trends, and more.

7. Client Communications

Client service is a key part of many businesses - and a process that can easily fall prey to “squeaky wheel” syndrome. A custom built app can give you all the options you can imagine, from automated client updates to trackable project timelines, to keep every client informed and happy.


These are just a few of the business areas that can be markedly improved by building your own customized app. Have a chat with us to find out how we can help you create the solution your business needs.



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