Technical Staffing Support: Why Your Construction Project Needs It

Technical Staffing Support: Why Your Construction Project Needs It

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Posted in Construction Project Management on January 14, 2016

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Does your team have the right experience to tackle your new construction project?

According to recent statistics, one of the most commonly outsourced services is construction, with 53% of respondents indicating that they are outsourcing this service. The way of the future is in outsourcing your project work to providers specifically tailored for your construction solutions.

To obtain the most experienced team in the field, consider placing contractors alongside your employees to get the most reliable results that are not only on time, but also within budget too.

Here are 6 reasons why you should hire technical staffing contractors to work on your construction project.

Technical know-how

For any construction project, you need a team of people who are well-trained in highly technical fields, and an outsourced technical staff can possess the necessary knowledge your project needs. With an in-depth knowledge of important technical aspects, your outsourced staff becomes an essential part of business and can fill the gaps your construction staff may have.

More experience on similar projects

Unless you have a dedicated team devoted to specific construction projects, the likelihood of your staff having an extended amount of experience on similar projects is minimal. However, outsourcing this work to experienced contractors who do this work daily means that they already know the details involved to be able to complete the job properly, inside and out.

More flexible timetables

If your staff is already involved with a number of company-wide projects, then they will have less time to dedicate to a specific construction project. They may also be focusing on other more pressing tasks at hand. With contractors, you know that 100% of the time that they are billed is going to working on the construction project that you have stipulated.

An outsider’s perspective

Having contractors working alongside your team members allows for greater knowledge transfer. Because they have learned various things from other companies’ projects, they are able to bring this knowledge to your project and to your team. This facilitates a greater learning process for your team members, all without getting involved in expensive external training courses.

Reduced staffing costs

Rather than bringing in new staff from the outside and then training them (a costly process), hiring a contractor means that they are prepared and ready to go with your projects. Teaching someone about company values is a far less costly process than teaching them the skills needed to be competent in a workplace position.

A non-salaried solution

Don’t have full time employee hours to dedicate to a new position? Why waste money trying to find extra jobs to do for a salaried employee when you can get in a contractor at half, or even a quarter of the hours that a full-time employee would cost.

Outsourcing can be a great business solution for your construction project. At PRG, we have available contractors who are skilled in construction management, quality assurance, cell tower and fiber builds, materials management, commercial construction, customized management reporting, and technical staffing to help ensure that your construction project runs smoothly.

Ensure you’re getting the right man or woman for the job by taking a closer look at the benefits of outsourcing. Interested in technical staffing support? Contact us to learn more. 

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