PRG Sponsors Lineman's Rodeo

PRG Sponsors Lineman's Rodeo

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Posted in PRG Events on August 07, 2017

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PRG was a proud sponsor of the Duke Indiana Midwest Lineman’s Rodeo that was held on Saturday, August 5. The "rodeo" consisted of teams of line workers competing in various work-related tasks.

The teams, made of workers from Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, were judged on safety procedures, speed and agility, and overall technique in the repair of equipment, pole climbing, and the mock rescue of crew members.

PRG would like to congratulate all of the participants on a great event. Check out our photos of the rodeo action!


Duke Energy Lineman's Rodeo Pole Climb

Lineman's Rodeo Event Space

PRG at Duke Energy Lineman's Rodeo

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