Measuring the Quality of Your Customer Service

Measuring the Quality of Your Customer Service

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Posted in Business Process Outsourcing on October 06, 2016

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Quality. It’s often a tough thing to judge. How do you judge the quality of a carton of orange juice, for instance? Is it by how the carton looks from the outside? By the price? How many oranges went into it? How many additives are in it? How it tastes to you? What if your tastes vary to other people?

The same can be said for the quality of customer service.

So just how do we measure the quality of our customer service? Here are some great ways to help determine your customer service quality rating.

Measure your complaints

It’s relatively easy to measure how many complaints you are getting compared to the number of people who are reaching out to your customer service team. You may like to grade the level of complaints, from a brief complaint over the phone noted by each customer service agent, through to escalation levels and lost customers following a complaint.

Poll your customers

Why not ask your customers what they think about your customer service? Short questionnaires or polls are a great way to ask customers what they think. Many companies offer a follow up email based on each customer service interaction. It may include questions like “How helpful on a scale of one to five was your customer service rep today?”. Offering customers entry into a monthly draw or similar can encourage participation.

Use customer referrals for tracking

Happy customers will always recommend your company to their family, friends, and colleagues. Customer service is usually high on a customer’s wish list for the ideal company they choose for a product or service. Setting up a referral system for current customers to refer others can help to track your customer service quality. Make sure to include multiple choice items in the referral, asking why they were referred and make one of those items “customer service”.

Active issues

How many customer issues do you currently have unresolved? You can bet that each customer behind each one of these issues is not happy, and some more so than others! The other measurement to look into in this instance is time from complaint to resolution. High quality customer service will have low resolution times.

Staff turnover

Noticed that your staff turnover is quite high? Job dissatisfaction is a key indicator of something going wrong within your business. High staff turnover not only indicate employee dissatisfaction but it can also indicate a steady number of staff who do not yet know company policies and procedures well. Staff lacking experience can lead to low quality interactions with customers.

If you started measuring the quality of your customer service and you’ve discovered that it’s low, you can start making steps towards improving it. If your efforts to turn around customer service quality aren’t leading to results, it might be time to bring in the experts.

At PRG, we offer business process outsourcing like customer service, implementing a high number of quality checks to ensure your customer service is exceeding your customer’s expectations. Contact us today for more information on our BPO services!

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