How Important Is Outage Management to a Business?

How Important Is Outage Management to a Business?

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Posted in Application Development on December 28, 2016

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In today’s always online, fast paced world, it’s easy to see why people get frustrated when systems fail. We are used to having what we want, when we want it, and we make darn sure to let other people know about it when something goes wrong!

But systems do fail – it’s all a part of life. The issue is how we manage things when they do. Do we send engineers to work on the job around the clock until it’s fixed? Sure, we probably do. Do we put on extra staff to deal with customer complaints as they’re coming through? You bet ya. All this and more, you’ve likely experienced in dealing with an outage.

But what if there was a more proactive way to manage outages? To learn to catch outages before they happen? To immediately send notifications and compile reports on what happened? If you’re reliant on your systems, on your customers, on getting your systems up and recognizing where the problems lie as quickly as possible, then outage management is important to your business.

Outage management systems can do the following things:

  • Predict which system is responsible for your outage occurring, which makes identification and fixes the opportunity to be performed more quickly

  • Identify what efforts are needed to get systems back up by determining outage size, duration, and facilities available

  • Disseminate information to stakeholders in a timely fashion, giving them proactive updates on the state of the outage and the time to fix it

  • Determine what manpower and system power is required to fix the outage, so this can be gathered quickly

  • Determine the length of time required to fix the outage given all variables

  • Produce reports about the outage, so they are able to be shared with stakeholders, and measures can be put into place to prevent a similar outage occurring again

An outage management system is built around your business systems and networks. It requires a thorough analysis of the type of systems that you run and where outages are likely to occur given historical data. It looks at factors across system components such as age and reliability, how much damages outages cause, and who the key stakeholders are in your business. From there, a system is built that can help to manage outages quickly, effectively, and with as little disruption to customers as possible.

At PRG we offer complete Outage Management Systems to help our clients to identify potential causes of outages early, run more reliable systems, have backups and alternate means of provision in place, and manage both customer and other key stakeholder expectations throughout outages. We make it our duty to provide you with a system that helps you to manage your outages effectively.

Start the conversation with us about what a comprehensive outage management system could do for your company. With experience in time critical industries such as cable and telecoms, we have the technical knowledge to drive your business further. Contact PRG today through our Get Started web form to learn more.

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