Exceptional Customer Service Requires These 5 Factors

Exceptional Customer Service Requires These 5 Factors

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Posted in Business Process Outsourcing on March 17, 2016

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What makes customer service exceptional? Many companies overlook the basics of customer service when they outsource their customer care needs. While it’s possible for the required traits to be taught, they take great practice and are often best left to those with an innate understanding of the cultural customer service climate that is expected.

Here are five of the most-wanted attributes of customer service representatives – keep these skills in mind when expanding or outsourcing your customer communication:

1. Patience

There is nothing worse than having a customer service representative cut you off when you really want to be heard. They say that patience is a virtue – and for good reason! A patient customer service representative will always listen to all of the customer’s concerns and acknowledge them carefully. Your customers are your best business asset and so they need to be treated with respect – or expect an uproar!

2. Clarity 

Customer service representatives need to know that their message is getting across clearly. Many issues arise when a customer expects one thing and gets another. Identify key areas that may lead to misunderstandings and thoroughly train your customer service staff to be able to detail these areas in different ways to allow the customer to understand fully. Also, consider how an on-shore customer service solution may provide clearer communication to your customers.

3. Empathy

Getting on the phone with someone who just doesn’t care about your concerns is enough to make your blood boil. It’s important for customer service representatives to be able to listen, understand, and relate to customers in a way that makes them feel supported. An empathetic tone of voice goes a long way in showing customers they are being acknowledged and understood.

4. Good Memory

Although there will be many systems in place on the screen to help your staff walk through the steps involved in guiding customers, there’s nothing like someone who knows the procedures inside and out. Representatives with great recall are able to learn particular steps quickly in addition to memorizing guidelines and protocols that they use often.

5. Problem Solving

Great customer service requires going beyond the script and finding the solutions that will help each individual customer. An on-shore customer service team may be able to provide a deeper level of support for elevated issues – freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.


Customer Service You Can Count On

When you use business process outsourcing for your customer service, you want to have a highly successful team in place to take your business further. Make sure that you get the right outcome for your business by relying on the staff at PRG to take your customer care to the next level.



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