A Simple Guide to Inbound Call Strategy

A Simple Guide to Inbound Call Strategy

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Posted in Business Process Outsourcing on July 07, 2013

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Better customer service is essential to your business’ success. For information no how an inbound call center in Denver or one of our other locations may benefit your business, call PRG today at (303) 858-1741.

What’s the best experience for your customers?

For most business, the answer is simple: customers want to pick up the phone and talk to a company representative. A simple guide to an effective inbound call center strategy is as follows:

Use Voice Calls Correctly

Many businesses reserve voice calls only for the right customers that are in the right customer lifecycle. Calls cost business $9 to $15 each, which is why automation is widely used. When would calling be best for your customers and your business? Self-serve is best used with websites and live-chats. Sales are best served using voice because it’s more personal.

A toll-free number is perfect for clients, but displaying the number is tricky.

You never want low-end calls to make it to a live person easily because they are too costly, so you need to display your number only when it is beneficial. This means removing the toll-free number at the top of a website and adding it only when a call-to-action or pricing is listed.

Be Available

Customers want one thing from your business: to be available. The right person needs to pick up the phone and answer a customer’s problem as quickly and easily as possible. Allowing a call to go to voicemail is a big “no-no” in the world of customer service and breaks your availability promise.

Using an on-call system in your business and routing calls to the right people is of the utmost importance.

Track and Analyze

An often overlooked piece of the puzzle is to track and analyze your call channels. What does this mean? You want to have data that you can point to that will:

  • Track advertising success
  • Service levels
  • Improve satisfaction
  • Enhance performance

Many companies will offer this service, such as Ifbvphone, so that you can understand and analyze all calls. The information provided will allow your business to further optimize its inbound call strategy to be more effective and profitable for you.

Better customer service is essential to your business.

Use Customer Data Effectively

Using customer data effectively allows for salespeople to be more productive. Studies show that CRM data allows for 15% higher productivity among salespeople. You want to use CRM data along with social information to personalize calls and better serve your clients.

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