4 Myths about Outsourced Customer Service

4 Myths about Outsourced Customer Service

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Posted in Business Process Outsourcing on March 24, 2017

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Outsourcing customer service is hot among many companies both here and overseas. Augmenting your business with non-core business services units has really taken off over the past 15 to 20 years as we become more global in our business operations, and more clever about the financial decisions made to maximize profits and save on resources.

But there are many myths about outsourcing that are still prevalent today and we are about to bust 4 of the most common ones.

Myth #1: Customers won’t be able to understand them

While this may be true of customer service outsourcing of years gone by, now outsourcing companies choose where they are outsourcing from carefully, along with the degree of understandability of each customer service agent individually. Companies choose customer service agents that are easily understandable so your clients have faith in what they are being helped with, as well as the quality of the service they are receiving.

Myth #2: Customer service agents are inexperienced

Outsourced customer service agents are not inexperienced. While they may not be familiar with your products, services, or systems, these people are very experienced in the customer service aspects of the job and how to treat your clients. Training customer service agents may only require a few sessions, manuals, and a small amount of ongoing support to get up to speed with how you do business.

Myth #3: Outsourcing is expensive

The fact of the matter is that keeping customer service inhouse is actually more expensive. While it can take an initial investment of funds to set up your outsourcing correctly, the savings that you end up making over time far outweigh this initial figure. Because wages are lower in other places, it means that outsourcing customer service can require less funds to keep running than hosting your customer service yourself.

Myth #4: We will lose customer service knowledge by outsourcing

Your company will always have ultimate authority over an outsourced customer service unit. The materials and knowledge provided to outsourced staff will always be yours and will never be fully transferred. The control that you have means that you have the power to make changes over how your customer service is working, and what tasks they are completing for you. Should you wish, you can revert back to inhouse with minimal fuss.

If you are considering outsourced customer service, PRG offers solutions for a wide range of clients and across a number of different industries. Our clients have seen the benefits of outsourcing their customer service, and are taking advantage of all that it has to offer.

If you would like to get in touch with us to chat about our outsourced customer service solutions, please contact us. We are happy to walk you through our packages, what is involved in each, and how they can help to benefit your business.

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mark williams posted on: July 3, 2017

that was good ideas and nice information
on outsourced customer services...

Sunrise Services posted on: July 13, 2017

Nice post! And these myths can be eradicated by various ways.

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